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No 20GB or 80GB PS3 for Europe

David Reeves, President and CEO of SCEE, has a little opinion piece on and he’s revealed a couple of interesting bits of info for PAL PS3 owners (or would be owners). Firstly, don’t expect to see either the 20GB or 80GB PS3 released over here. Ever. There simply isn’t the market for either versions in PAL territories, unlike the Korean market where high broadband speeds are the norm.

I also think a few people would be rightly annoyed if either version (especially the 80GB) were released over here.

He also states that Sony has hit the 1m PS3s sold mark in PAL territories:

I’m happy to say that early last week we broke through the one million sell-through mark on PS3. That was sell-through across all PAL territories – and we achieved that in nine and a half weeks. That’s faster than both PS2 and PSone.

Pretty impressive stuff. It’s just a shame that it’s doing so poorly in Japan and North America in comparison.

One last bit of info that is not quite so good is that Home will not be out until Christmas in Europe, if David Reeves is to be believed. Yeah, great. 🙁

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