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Resistance: Comedy of Man

So last night there were some problems with the servers on Resistance resulting in the loss of all Ranked Team based games. Only Free for all games could be played. As my clan mates and I mainly prefer Team Objective games, we were pretty much stuck. Until Samus (The Big Boss) suggested we play a game of hide and seek in a custom game! Great idea.

So I created a Team Death Match game on the largest Manchester map, removed all weapons except for the Bullseye and made the game private. Great I thought, all the bases covered. Unfortunately, I forgot to turn the radar and map off and forgot to set a 30min time limit! Not ideal for a game of hide and seek. It also didn’t help matters that you could see your would be target’s name in big yellow letters from quite a distance away. 😆

Anyway, the plan was that 1 person would be “it” (the seeker) and the other 3 would run off and hide, while the seeker had to find and tag whoever he found, which would mean they would be “it”.

This resulted in much hilarity during the early stages of the game. Three moments stand out which I will not forget for a long time. The first moment of comedy gold occurred after I had tagged Paranoimia and I had tried to get as far away from him as possible before he began to seek his would be victims.

I noticed both Tongo and Samus in one of the buildings on the 3rd floor, so I sauntered up there. When I reached the top floor I heard a shout of panic from Samus (we were all wearing headsets) and he promptly jumped out of the 3rd floor window to escape being tagged as he thought I was Paranoimia coming to tag him! I was almost in tears!! 😆 Brilliant stuff!

The 2nd moment came when both Tongo and Samus tagged each other and they couldn’t decide who was “it”, so they decided to duel it out. They both stood with their backs to each other and I was to count to 5 (I happened to be about 10ft away from them so could see them both), at which point they each would take 5 paces then turn and try to tag the other person.

So I started counting 1,2,3 etc but as soon as I said 1 Tongo sprinted away, while Samus stepped back one pace as I shouted out each number up to 5 (although by 5 I was already in tears of laughter)! It was ridiculously funny watching a Supreme Commander wearing the Black Ops outfit taking a step backwards right on cue while his brother ran off at full speed! 😆 You probably had to have been there but it was incredibly funny.

The 3rd moment of comedy genius came when Tongo was attempting to tag me as I ran around one of the abandoned vans. Round and round, Tongo chased me around the van while I did my best to avoid being tagged by jumping and dodging! He eventually got me as I broke away through one of the ruined buildings. It was a pure Benny Hill moment. 😆

The novelty eventually wore off but it was great fun for the first half an hour or so.

I hope Insomniac adds a Hide and Seek mode in Resistance 2 or maybe as a new mode in Fall of Man. I think it would be a great addition!

Has anybody had any moments of great hilarity while playing Resistance?