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GTA 4 Exclusive Content and 360/PS3 Versions

Way back at E3 2006, Microsoft’s Peter Moore famously made two big GTA 4 announcements (along with the GTA tattoo). The first was that the usual PlayStation exclusivity period would be gone and that both platforms would get the title on the same date. The second announcement was that the 360 version would get exclusive episodic content. For those not in the know, “exclusive” means that it won’t appear on any other platforms such as the PS3.

Since that announcement, nothing has changed. The 360 will still be getting 360 exclusive episodic content. and several other sites are re-reporting this as if something has changed, but it has not. The 360 exclusive content was never under question and remains that way.

On the other hand, there is an unconfirmed rumor that the PS3 will also get its own exclusive content. The 360 exclusive content has been announced, confirmed, and reconfirmed several times. The PS3 exclusive content has been rumored and Take Two officials deny to confirm or deny. This is pure speculation, but this may be a PR issue. Microsoft likely paid a lot of money for this deal. This was Microsoft’s biggest announcement at E3 2006. It is possible that Rockstar and Take Two have contractual restrictions that prevent them from discussing PS3 exclusive content which would ruin the impact of Microsoft’s announcements.


One other point worth mentioning, is Dan Houser’s (Rockstar creative VP and senior role in pretty much every GTA game, Manhunt, and Bully) strong comments from a 2004 interview (San Andreas) where he wishes for more storage space than dual layer DVD. I won’t repost the quotes again, see interview link below if you haven’t already.

Now that the PS3 fulfills his storage wish with Blu-Ray and the 360 doesn’t, will PS3 users see a benefit?

To summarize:

  • 360 Getting Exclusive GTA 4 Content: Yes. Widely announced. Public knowledge. Confirmed and reconfirmed.
  • PS3 Getting Exclusive GTA 4 Content: Eurogamer cites Rockstar insider as yes. Officially uncofirmed, but not denied. Definitely at the rumor stage.

(thanks to fleakitten for the link) reconfirming 360 Exclusive Content
Exclusive GTA IV content for PS3, too – source
2004 Interview: GTA Creative VP Wishes for More Storage Space