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Tekken 6: Rage System and new characters yet to be seen. [Update]

There is a new feature called ““Rage System.” The lower your life bar the more attack damage your character will do. There are going to be 2 new characters that we haven’t seen before, maybe more. This is going to be a huge character roster list! Currently the game is about 50% complete. The stages will have multiple areas and collapse, like in Dead or Alive. Below is a example.

Here is some info from the Tekken 6 arcade flier

  • “Even more beautiful, even more dramatic”
  • “Thanks to the latest CG technology, the characters have enormous radiance and close to reality beauty”
  • “By utilizing the capabilities of the new hardware at the utmost, the game offers 12 new stages full of variety”
  • “Moving in the stages” (As far as I can read there are multiple areas.)
  • “With the present characters and the newcomers, it has the biggest character collection in the entire history of Tekken”
  • “New moves, old moves redone, game balance renovation”
  • “Medal system”
  • “Customization that surpasses the simple frame of the color-change and items-accessories”
  • “With concept items the customization undergoes a rapid evolution”
  • “Not just item-accessory but move-items” (Items that provide new movements)
  • Check out this link for all the photos from the Tekken 6 Private Show. There are photos of the new stages, Item Skills, and more. Man I’m excited to get my hands on this game! It’s looking great 😀

    Here is a movie from the event. Sadly there is no audio, but worth a look anyway.