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UT3 - Timed PS3 Exclusive

I never really got into Unreal Tournament. Usually I like grittier, more realistic games like Call of Duty. But that doesn’t mean I don’t venture into the more arcadey FPS’s out there. I have Quake II for my PS2 and my buddies and I still play it occasionally. (Though lately it’s taken a far back seat to Resistance. Unfortunately, CoD3 on the PS3 has no splitscreen mode.)

But I’ll definitely rent UT3 when it comes out, and if my friends and I all like it, I might even shell out the big bucks for it.

Now I hear that it won’t make it to the 360 until after it’s been delivered for the PC and PS3. That’s not a big deal in the big scheme of things, but I think the reason why is interesting.

Geoff Keighley basically confirmed this last week. According to him it is because Sony is allowing user created mods, and Microsoft thinks it could be used to undermine their Xbox Live service. He says PC and PS3 versions release at the same time, and the 360 is coming sometime later after they sort out some issues.

Sony is allowing user created mods. Hm. I wonder what kinds of mods those are. Weapon mods? Character mods? New maps? I also wonder how this’ll work. It’s not like we can just drop mods into the UT3 directory on the PS3. We’ll have to point UT3 to the mods, and UT3 will have to “take them in” so to speak.

This has me pretty excited. Playing CoD2 doesn’t get too old in large part because there are so many user-created maps out there to download and enjoy. Kudos to those artists out there who do this – it makes playing the game that much more fun. Now PS3 users will have access to the same mod community when playing UT3. I just hope that the mods are compatible between systems.

Very cool stuff.

Unreal Tournament 3 – PS3 exclusive… timed

[Update: it looks like the 360 will also be getting user-downloadable levels. Does this mean that the PS3 won’t be a timed exclusive anymore?]