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SEGA Rally Preview and Interview

The news is all about racing today, with news of the MotorStorm patch and also about SEGA Rally for the PS3, 360, PC, and PSP. did an interesting interview about SEGA Rally, and it looks like the 360 and PS3 versions will be identical:

We’re very happy – the game looks identical on both platforms; the feature-set is exactly the same. We’ve sat them side by side and you’re really hard-pushed to tell the difference. I think that’s a testament to where you are with both platforms. The learning curve with PlayStation 3 is steeper, but once you’re there the opportunities are very exciting.

Lap Two

For a two-page preview of the game itself, check out this link:

First Impressions – SEGA Rally

Hm. I didn’t see any mention of splitscreen…

[Update 1:
I later looked for splitscreen support, and in other press releases it says that it’ll be there.]

[Update 2: SEGA Rally was developed first for the PS3, then ported to other platforms.]

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