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New Poll: Which ’07 PS3 Exclusive?

PSU has a comparison chart showing the exclusive titles coming out for the 360, Wii, and PS3. It made me think two things:

1. I’m glad I have a PS3. Most of the exclusives (with a few rare exceptions) on other platforms don’t interest me as much as the PS3 exclusives. Which is why I bought a PS3 – it has the kind of games I like. For others, their choices are different.

2. I got to thinking about which exclusive I want the most. I am really quite interested in PS3 Killzone, but there just isn’t enough information out there yet to warrant a vote for that game, plus it’s probably not going to be a 2007 title. So I have to choose something in 2007. I think I’d have to go for Warhawk. I’m in the beta, and I know it’s a blast to play. I just wish my friend and I wouldn’t constantly get kicked out of games (right at the start) for playing splitscreen.

So take a look in the sidebar and choose your most anticipated 2007 PS3 exclusive game.

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