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Army of Two Video Preview has a nice preview of Army of Two and it’s set to take 2 player co-op to the next level using something called the Aggrometer, according to Chris Ferriera, Army of Two game designer:

If both players are firing at the same time, for instance, the Aggro is going to stay centered. So there’s no bonus for that. But if you say, ‘OK, I’m going to take cover and hang back; you’re going to go risk yourself. Run in front of everyone and draw their attention.’ Boom! All of a sudden you’re doing more damage, and I’m more stealthy and can sneak around.

Does it work? Well apparently so:

We test out this concept. Some of the enemies in the game wear armor just as you do, making them impossible to take out without hitting their weak points from behind. Ferriera starts shooting like a maniac, builds up his Aggro, and the enemies all start trying to take him out — meanwhile, I’m flanking the guy with the armor by running through an empty house and hitting him with a few shots in the back of his neck from a window. It works perfectly. Later, I decide to have some fun with it. Ferriera distracts the enemies and I lay down some C4. I tell him to stop shooting. I begin firing at the enemies, and they start running in my direction. Boom. It’s not A.I. you haven’t seen in other games — it’s just better manipulated through coordinated efforts here.

Check out the vid:

They also hint a 2 player split-screen so Henning should be happy if it is confirmed. Previews Army of Two