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Warhawk BD Priced at $59.99 claims that the BD version of Warhawk will retail for $59.99 including a Jabra BT125 Bluetooth headset. The headset in question costs £17.99 from so if the bundle did retail for £35 – £40 then I’m guessing the PSN version of Warhawk will cost around £15 – £20 tops.

There’s also a statement from Sony on GameInformer:

The highly anticipated title Warhawk, a PLAYSTATION 3 exclusive, will be available both as a downloadable title via PLAYSTATION Network and at retail stores as a Blu-ray disc on August 28, 2007. The Blu-ray version will retail at stores for $59.99 and will be bundled with a Jabra Bluetooth headset ($39 value), bonus features and upcoming product trailers. Pricing for the PLAYSTATION Network download of Warhawk has not been announced.

If it is priced more than £15 on the PSN then that’s quite a lot of money for a download title but if the multiplayer is as fun as people are saying it is, it may be worth it. If like me you already own a Bluetooth headset then you may not want or need to buy the BD version of Warhawk. My current headset has a 4hr battery life so if the Jabra does indeed have up to 8hrs talk time, then I may end up get the BD bundle after all.

It’s a pain in the backside having to charge my current headset practically every night and sometimes during actual play.

Warhawk To Retail For $59.99 Including Bluetooth Headset

Sony Satement From GameInformer About Warhawk