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Heavenly Sword Demo “Soon”

A few members of the dev team at Ninja Theory have their own Heavenly Sword blog over at IGN. The most recent post is from Matt Hart; Head of Production on Heavenly Sword and he responded to a number of comments asking about a Heavenly Sword demo, with the following:

I can confirm that we are, of course, going to be releasing a demo for Heavenly Sword…and soon! This will be downloadable via the Playstation Network…so keep an eye out for this in the very near future…and I mean very near future!

Oh yes! 😀

Heavenly Sword

He also revealed that there won’t be a special edition version of Heavenly Sword, instead the BD will come packed full of extras such as behind the scenes footage and “the first 2 episodes of a special ‘animated series’ exploring the history of the Heavenly Sword prior to the start of the game”.

So, who’s betting the demo will be available shortly after E3?

Heavenly Sword Blog

New Heavenly Sword images

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