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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Preview

Call of Duty HQ has a preview of Call of Duty 4, and it’s quite interesting. They discuss the PC version, so I hope that everything they mention makes its way into the PS3 version as well.

Of note:

First and foremost is the “Create a Class” feature that they’ve added to the game. It is now possible to customize everything about your character. From the gear he is equipped with, the weapons he carries, and the modifications and attachments to accompany those weapons. The Perks you have unlocked can also be applied to these classes in various different combinations. Each class can be saved, and easily accessed and selected once in-game.

Once in-game, you are able to examine other player’s custom classes.

Which sounds like it could be interesting. But it does get in the way of the whole jump-in-and-play mentality that seemed to purvey the old Call of Duty titles.

Perks are a big addition to the game:

Perks are player enhancements that improve upon various in-game characteristics. Some Perks increase your health, thus increasing the amount of damage you can endure (Juggernaut). Other Perks increase the fatality of the bullets you fire through a wall (Deep Penetration). Additionally, there are Perks that give special abilities the player can utilize to give them that special edge in multiplayer. For example, the “Last Stand” Perk allows the player to sit up with his sidearm in-hand just after he falls to the ground, and just before dying. Much like the AI in Call of Duty 2, the player is able to get those last few shots in, able to kill the enemy that just killed you!

Again, like the classes, perks sounds like an interesting idea. I just hope it can be done easily and seemlessly.

One thing that this article confirmed that I was looking for: Headquarters will be one of the included modes! Yay!

Anyone know if splitscreen has been confirmed for the PS3? Anyone?

There’s a whole lot more. Check it out.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Preview