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Konami Doubts Impact of $100 Price Cut

Kazumi Kitaue, head of Konami’s North American and European operations spoke to Reuters about the $100 price cut to the 60GB PS3 and believes it will have little impact:

I wonder if Sony can win back user support by the price cut of just $100. I don’t expect a substantial impact … With $500, you can buy a personal computer.

What’s that got to do with anything? 😕 The majority of people that are interested in the PS3 will more than likely own a PS2 and are waiting for the right moment to step up. The $100 price drop could be that right moment. Why would they want to buy a $500 PC?

As Tosh pointed out in the Shoutbox, the PS3 has had an initial sales boost due to the price cut, only time will tell just how much of an impact it has had on sales.

He also made a vague comment about MGS4:

Since Metal Gear Solid was born for the PlayStation, we would like to keep it a PlayStation game. But we might have to take some steps.

Confirmation that MGS4 will be a timed PS3 exclusive? I’m pretty sure that MGS4 will appear on the 360 at some stage, it’s just a matter of when not if.

Kazumi Kitaue interview via Reuters