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Top 5 PS3 Firmware Wishlist - 25jul07 Edition

We’ve had several firmware updates since we talked about what we want in our PS3 firmware updates. People finally have their PS3 backgrounds wallpapered up with chicks, cars, or whatnot. We have some good PSP to PS3 functionality happening, and our PS3 is media-serving like crazy now with DLNA (though not without issues). So I thought it was about time I did another “what I want” post. Here’s my top 5 items that I want to see in a PS3 firmware update, as of 25jul07, in order of importance:

  1. Reduced memory footprint.
    Surprised to see this one? Think about it. The PS3’s OS takes up 84MB of the 512MB available, as of firmware 1.6 according to Inner Bits. It’ll take up even more if you want some special features. (7MB for onscreen keyboard, 5MB for i/o utilities, 8MB for online start-up, 24MB for NP friends list, etc.) Compared to the 360’s 32MB memory footprint, PS3 developers are at a huge disadvantage. That’s a 52MB difference (or more, with special features), in case you weren’t counting. That’s a lot of computer code right there. If Sony can give that back to developers, that would make a big difference in game quality. We all know it’s all about the games, and this will directly help developers create better ones. If Inner Bits’ information is incorrect, I’ll have to retract this one and think up a new one. 🙂
  2. XMB in-game access.
    Anybody who’s actually used a PS3 knew that this one would be here. It’s the one that everyone is clamouring for. Sony is quite aware that we all want this and is working on it, so I won’t bang my table too loudly.
  3. Custom soundtracks.
    To some people, this isn’t very important. I have a 360-owning friend who makes no use of this feature whatsoever. That’s just crazy! The first thing I would do if I had a 360 is rip some of my favourite tunes so that I didn’t have to listen to the crap they pack in games these days.
  4. Better codec support.
    The PS3 is in desperate need of better video codecs. I don’t think I really need to say more, do I?
  5. Better file management.
    I saw that in firmware 1.9 I’d finally be able to sort my games. Yay! Except… what the heck? I can only sort by creation date and format? I want to be able to put stuff in any arbitrary order, and put stuff in folders I create too!

There it is! Debate it, change it, add to it.