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EA: Bet on the wrong horse with PS3 and 360

From an EA investor meeting (link at bottom):

[Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello] admitted that EA was on the “wrong horse” by concentrating mainly on the PS3 and Xbox 360 while throwing less resources towards the Wii during the console transition.

If they’ve been heavily investing in the PS3, it doesn’t show…

Some quick stats:

Number of EA games released on Wii 8
Number of EA games released on PS3 10
Number of EA games released on DS 22
Number of EA games released on 360 29

Out of those 10 PS3 games:

0 are PS3 exclusive
5 are sports titles
8 are from long running franchises
Highest rated game: Fight Night Round 3 which was an old port that had already been released on most other systems eight months earlier.

Is EA’s problem their choice of platforms? Do people want more of the same stale EA franchises ported to the Wii? No, the problem is that EA has had some really dull releases in the past two years. They need to develop more new hits.

Clearly, they know this. With their investors, it may be the more diplomatic excuse to blame the gaming platform, but they also say that they are focusing more on new original IP rather than existing stable and recurring franchises. The fruits of their efforts may be starting to show. They have several exciting games under development such as Spore, Burnout Paradise, Rock Band, and Army of Two. article