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Assassins Creed PS3 Preview

PSM3 has a preview of Assassins Creed which has been posted on the C&VG website. The gist of the preview is that it could be a flawed classic let down by fiddly controls and a dodgy camera. 🙁

It seems as though the controls will change depending on the situation you find yourself in:

It pays little respect to convention – instead of holding PS L1 to lock-on, you simply tap it on/off to engage combat mode, which takes adjustment, especially since you can’t always tell whether you’re locked on. All controls are context-sensitive, with different abilities available when you’re locked on. The PS R1 button is used as an ‘Aggression Modifier’. Your main buttons are displayed in a tiny icon (e.g. PS X to blend into the crowd, PS Circle for push, PS Square to punch), but hold PS R1 and they’re aggressively modified (e.g. PS X to free run, PS Circle to barge, PS Square to attack). ‘Punch’ may become ‘assassinate’ when you’re holding the right weapon, and alter according to where you’re stood, and by whom.

Holding PS R1 when engaged in battle puts you in defensive mode which allows you to counter attacks.

They also seem to confirm Assassins Creed’s time travel themed story line:

The rumoured ‘twist’ – that the game isn’t set in 1192, but contains futuristic elements, with you retrieving essential DNA strands – is confirmed by the demo. All characters ‘flicker’ with a Matrix-style code haze, and the screen almost fades to white when you lose sight of your target in the final chase – suggesting a break in the timeline.

Why can’t they just set the game in the Crusades timeline without adding in the time travel shenanigans. Saying that I’m a big fan of time travel movies so it may work out OK.

I’ve been anticipating this game ever since I saw the first gameplay demonstration so I hope the controls and camera aren’t as flawed or fiddly as they sound. I wonder if they will release a demo…

Assassins Creed PS3 Preview