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GTA 4 Delayed To Spring 2008

As most everyone knows by now, GTA 4 has officially been delayed until Spring 2008. Spring, of course, means anywhere from March to June.

On one hand, this game is intensely ambitious, and delays on such projects are the unfortunate norm. Secondly, while the previews look amazing, they don’t seem like they are from a finished game. On the other hand, Rockstar North has a strong reputation for being extremely reliable regarding release dates. Also, they often develop in secrecy with very limited previews and press involvement.

This game is currently by far my most anticipated title. There are games with better graphics (CoD4, GT5), games with more unique concepts (Rock Band), and at least a dozen other amazing games coming out later this year, but GTA 4 was far and away my most eagerly anticipated.

Who was surprised or saw this coming? Who is disappointed or glad that Rockstar has more time to polish this one and that big games are a little more spaced out?

GTA 4 Delayed