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Rainbow Six Vegas Impressions

If you’re into the tactical shooters you’ll love Rainbow Six Vegas. I haven’t got very far in the single player yet because online is so fun. There are a lot of different game modes to keep you entertained. I still haven’t tried them all out yet. There is one thing that online is missing though, a lobby. As it is now, you select a game mode and search for a game, or you can create a game.

As far as the game play goes, it has a lot of depth in the online area, there are a lot of weapons & gear to choose from when your rank goes up. You can pick from a lot of items to customize your character. The single player is great too. I like using the snake cam to tag enemies for my team mates to take out. But the default controls for the snake cam is the sixaxis motion, which seems … very tacked on honestly, not very accurate. So I switched the controls to the right analog stick instead, ahhh much better. I really like the cover system, it feels natural. You can even do blind fire. The rappel ropes are fun, you can shoot while on the rope and you can even turn upside down and shoot, fun stuff.

The graphics are good, most of the time it looks impressive but sometimes the textures look like a PS2 game. Strange how long it took to port and they didn’t spend time to polish the graphics. Overall it’s a great game, I’m really liking it.