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Henning’s PS3 Soapbox - Spacious Games

Amazon is now selling, on a pre-order basis, Rock Band for the PLAYSTATION 3 and Xbox 360 (which you can buy in our Amazon store). While it is selling quite well for the 360, relatively speaking (it’s currently third, as I type this), it’s not selling quite as well on the PS3 (fifteenth). But the relative popularity isn’t all that important, as long as the game sells well.

Which got me to thinking. I’ve always assumed that I’ll be picking up this game as soon as I can. (That part of my brain that makes purchasing decisions hasn’t been consulted by the gaming part of my brain, I guess.) But is that really the way for me to go? The $200US Rock Band includes the game, a wireless guitar, a microphone, and a drum set. I can’t fit all those things into my family room (when not playing) unless I’m okay with my room looking like a kid’s treehouse. I just don’t have a good storage solution for Rock Band and its peripherals.

Which made me wonder if maybe I should hold off on my purchase until I have my basement completed. I haven’t started working on my basement yet – plans and ideas are still fighting it out in my brain for ultimate dominance. But I hope to have it completed in the next year or two. Maybe that would be a much better time for me to buy Rock Band, because then I’ll actually have the room to store it, and it won’t really matter if there’s a huge drum set sitting at the wall.

Which gets my mind on another track – maybe Guitar Hero 3 will be enough for me this fall. After all, I’ve already got a bazillion other good games to play this fall, not least among them Call of Duty 4. Then there’s GRAW2, Warhawk, DiRT, SEGA Rally Revo, Ratchet & Clank, GT5 Prologue, UT3, Army of Two, Assassin’s Creed, Medal of Honor, The Orange Box, SingStar, Haze, and Uncharted. All of which I’d like to at least rent, and I’ll definitely be buying several.

Not only that, but my friend Todd will probably be buying Rock Band for the 360. If I really need a Rock Band fix, I can get it at his house.

So I think I might just pass up on Rock Band this fall. I’ll wait until my basement is done instead. Is anybody else thinking of passing on Rock Band? Is it for similar reasons of space, time, or money? Or something else?

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