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PSP and PlayStation Home

Want to take PlayStation Home with you on the road? Well you can with the PSP. It will sync with Home, and it will include a extra room of Home rendered on the PSP. But nothing concrete yet, but at least they are working on it. Another thing that Sony has been working on for a while is a online store for the PSP where you can access videos, music and games. Right now they estimate the release to be within six to eight months. They are also looking into a PSN game for the PSP that you can play via remote play, but lag time is a big challenge.

And while I’m talking about the PSP, there is some news about the GPS attachment. The peripheral is done, and the software is being “tweaked” for North America, and it will be released in the next 10-12 month. Why so long? Hasn’t the GPS peripheral been out in Japan for about year? I would love to use a PSP as a GPS device, this is a must buy as long as the software is good. I’m planning on getting a new PSP in September too, I must have video out 🙂 Anybody else getting one?

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