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SEGA Rally Revo - Alpine and Canyon

I’m still looking for a good racing game for the PS3 that’ll let me play with my friends. Note both of those qualifications. One, it has to be good. So that rules out NFSC and RR7 for me. Two, I have to be able to play splitscreen with my friends. So that rules out MotorStorm and F1.

So that’s why I’m keeping my eye on SEGA Rally Revo for the PLAYSTATION 3. It’s coming out this fall and it looks like it’ll have at least two-player splitscreen, maybe even four player (crossing my fingers!). It’s a racer that’s definitely more on the arcade side of the scale, but I have no problems with that. I’m not a technical racer, though I do enjoy my bouts in F1 2001 with my friend Steve.

One of the cool things about this game is that, like MotorStorm, the track deforms as you pass over it. But unlike MotorStorm, in SEGA Rally Revo it actually makes a difference. On the next lap, you want to stick your car in the same grooves because it’ll improve your traction. The effect looks quite nice. In the second of the videos below (there will be a total of five eventually) you can see how passing over the slush leaves tire marks, and it’s quite convincing nice stuff.

So if you haven’t already, I suggest checking out the two videos on the page linked below. It’s interesting stuff, and it makes me think that maybe SEGA Rally Revo will be the game I’ve been waiting for.

SEGA Rally Revo