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Poll: Which Warhawk?

Warhawk for the PLAYSTATION 3 is being released soon, and it’ll come in two different flavours. The PSN online downloadable version of Warhawk will cost $40. The packaged BD (Blu-ray Disc) version with an included headset will cost $60. Which version will you buy?

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While we’re talking about Warhawk, I just wanted to mention that I think the $40 price is fair. I know there was that one mag who wanted to decrease their score of the game by one point if the PSN download was over $30, but that’s rubbish. The fact is, you’re getting a really good game for your money, and it’s a good value. At least, that’s my opinion, having played the game a lot when it was in BETA. What do you guys think?

[Edit: Oooh right. Tosh wanted me to point out that the Blu-ray version of Warhawk will give you the ability to “ghost” Warhawk onto multiple machines at a LAN party. So you could play Warhawk on multiple PS3’s if they’re all connected together. Cool stuff. Video.]

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Last poll results:

How do you orient your PS3?

* Sideways: 52% (160)
* Upright: 39% (119)
* Don’t have one: 9% (28)

Total Votes : 307