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Warhawk FAQ

The official PLAYSTATION Blog has published an FAQ for all of us Warhawk fans. There’s still no announcement regarding the EU release date but I’ll probably get the NA version anyway. Here’s what interested me in the FAQ:

QUESTION: Does Warhawk support the XMB buddy list?

ANSWER: OMG…Yes, thank you for asking but you didn’t really have to . Of course any “buddy” that you have in the XMB, will show up in your “Warhawk Buddy Page”. From there, you will see if they are online, and what game they are in. We also added a quick join from the buddy list so you can instantly hop into any game your buddy is in. Or, you have the option of linking directly to the stats server from your buddy list. This way you can always keep tabs on which weapons your friends are using, which maps they play the most, etc.

That’s cool but nothing is mentioned about in-game XMB access. Maybe it will be something similar to Resistance or nothing at all.

QUESTION: Does Warhawk Support Clans?

ANSWER: Yes…you can form a clan, give your clan a prefix tag [4 characters], your clan can have a motto, leader…and yes the leader must make invites into the clan, you have access to a separate clan mail/message that can be used to coordinate practices or matches, and lastly you can use your clan list just like the XMB buddy list to jump right into their game or retrieve their statistics.

WOOT!!!! 😀 Awesome stuff. Look out for the [YV] clan, people.

QUESTION: Does Warhawk support a “Party System” like Resistance: FoM?

ANSWER: Thanks for clarifying “Holy_Diver” … unfortunately no, we do not in the same way. When you are playing split-screen we drop the whole group in to the game but I’m pretty sure that’s not what you were looking for.

DOH!!! One of the best features in Resistance is the ability to create a party with your friends and just chat away to them in the lobby, while you search for a game. This is disappointing news.

QUESTION: Will there be an option to join local servers, just in your country?

ANSWER: Yes…while we wanted to make sure that players got to choose the exact server they jumped into, we *totally* realized that if the game takes off, which we hope it does, that players might be simply overloaded by the server list. So, more to your point “Shadow_Dancer,” you can filter by region, language, game type, ping, max rank, etc.

I’ll be honest and say I’ve switched my game region to Europe on Resistance as there is too much lag when I’ve played against American and especially Japanese based players. Hopefully the lag won’t be too bad on Warhawk.

There’s a lot of stuff covered in the FAQ so go check it out.

Warhawk FAQ