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The ‘4 Cs’ Of The PS3 Online Experience

The 4 Cs are “Community, competition, creativity and commerce”.

Community is all about communication with other users in Home. Sony says, “In the longer term, we’ll be implementing a fully featured social networking experience within Home.”

Competition is well obvious. But a nice option in Home is that clans could meet in a apt or house to chat. Hopefully you’ll be able to do this when Home launches.

Creativity is a huge thing in home. You’ll be able to customize your apartment with photos, movies, and music from your PS3 hard drive. And user-generated content tools such as their own t-shirt designs. That’s cool, wonder what people will come up with. They’ll be giving out tools to allow scripting, java minigames, etc.

Commerce: Eventually the PlayStation Store will transform into a full three-dimensional virtual world. That should be interesting. Hopefully it’s all kept in one virtual area. You can also buy virtual items for your apartment or upgrade to a larger pad.

PlayStation Home has huge potential, but Sony needs to be adding features and items to Home all the time to keep people interested. Publishers need to be very involved as well. I’m still looking forward to it though.

EIF: Sony Talks Home, ‘4 Cs’ Of PS3 Online Experience