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Metal Gear Solid Online Beta Details

The MGS Online beta begins today. The lobbies sound just like MGS3 Online, each one is named after a MGS character. There are 2 maps in the beta, one in the artic and the other is in the middle east like all the trailers so far.

The Sniper Rifle now has 10x zoom, and has a intense recoil. You can customize your character as well, change how fast you run, skills with weapons, etc. Much more depth than MGS3 Online. They mentioned that this one guy joined the game and killed people by strangling them until they where knocked out (you have a oxygen bar in addition to your health bar), and then shoot them in the head.

No info on how to hack into your opponents nanomachines yet. This is a must buy for every MGS fan, I was sad when the MGS3 Online servers went down, and I’ve been waiting patiently for some more MGS action online 🙂

Check out the link for all the details.

Metal Gear Online – First Gameplay Details and screens

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