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PS3 DiRT Demo

I was away on holidays last week, so I didn’t get a chance to download and try the DiRT demo made available on PSN last Thursday. Once I got back, my first PLAYSTATION 3 task was to download and try it out. Graphically, my memory is a little vague, but I don’t remember the 360 version of the demo looking any different. As far as content goes, I think they got it about right. There’s three types of track with three cars and three styles of racing. One if dune buggy dirt racing around a track, another is driving a Mitsubishi Lancer (I think) rally style on a dirt road, and the last track you got to drive a Subaru on an asphalt course. (I hope I got those right.)

Colin McRae: DIRT

All in all, it was fun for a bit. I once heard someone complain that it felt like the car felt like it was stuck in a pin in the middle, and sometimes I got that feel too. And it was weird that the breaks on the Subaru worked so well, bring the car to a stop very quickly. (But then, maybe that’s how that Subaru behaves in real life. I dunno.)

Depending on whether or not this game has a four-player splitscreen mode (which I doubt), I might give it a rental. So I have to say that this demo didn’t impress me enough to buy it outright. I’ll have to see what the rental does for me.