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PS3 Finally Outsells the 360 for the Month of July!

July Sales for Japan and US

This only includes US + Japan data since that is all that I could easily get a hold of. US Data from NPD. Japan Data from Media Create weekly data from 7/2-7/29

System Japan USA Combined
NDS 586,356.00 405,000.00 991,356.00
WII 349,088.00 425,000.00 774,088.00
PSP 138,486.00 214,000.00 352,486.00
PS2 55,713.00 222,000.00 277,713.00
PS3 67,200.00 159,000.00 226,200.00
360 11,848.00 170,000.00 181,848.00
GBA 2,026.00 87,000.00 89,026.00

Although, I can’t find anywhere to obtain hard Europe numbers, Sony exec David Reeves, made the following commment regarding Europe sales:

“This is not the US. [Europe’s] quite different from the US in terms of market shares.” said Reeves. “…PS3 outsells Xbox 360 about 3 to 1. PS2 outsells Xbox 360 by 4 to 1….”

Admittedly, this was a strong PS3 month with an amazing E3 show and a much needed price drop and a weak 360 month, where talk of hardware failures was at an all time high and rumored price cuts were on the way. Game releases for both systems were rather light. However, we’ll take whatever good news we can get. And as always, PS2/PSP are healthily ahead of both PS3/360 and Nintendo’s DS and Wii have a huge lead over everything else.