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Condensed Release Schedule

There is a ton of amazing PS3 software coming out this year. I count nine titles that I am dying to purchase at full price. That’s an excellent year for the PS3, however, I have one complaint:

Why is every last title that I really want being released in a tiny four week release window from 10/23 to 11/20? Months like January we got nothing. Months like February through September we get some high quality products, but still not the games that many people such as myself really, really want.

Do all the big studios really think they have to put out all their software right before Christmas?

Or is it due to the newness of the PS3, that this is when the really good stuff is just starting to roll in?

Next year seems like the great releases will be spread out a little better: Burnout, GTA4, MGS4, GT5, RE5, and Killzone2 should all scheduled to be released throughout the calendar year, well before Christmas. Then again, anyone remember this post that I made in November of 2006? Most of the the titles we were expecting to hit at the beginning of 2007 got delayed to the end of 2007.