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NCSoft Interview and Developer Liberties

NCSoft doesn’t reveal much new product information, but it’s worth a read because you can see that NCSoft is clearly committed to PS3 development.

I get the impression that NCSoft appreciates the freedom and control that the PS3 platform provides. Sony seems much more liberal and PC-like than it’s competitors in that they provide third party studios with more freedoms.


  • Studios can handle their own subscription systems and customer billing directly.
  • Studios can do their own customer relations directly without having to go through Sony or some other middle-man.
  • Maximum freedom in choosing from various middleware tools such as XFire and alternatives
  • Minimum mandated feature sets. While some fans wish that Sony would force studios to implement certain features such as an achievement point type system, I would much rather these content decisions left in the hands of the artists. Let them choose which features will provide the most value to gamers rather than force some marketing buzzword feature list on them.

I’m glad to see such enthusiasm from developers, and I hope these freedoms lead to increased quality and originality in upcoming titles.

NCSoft Interview