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Warhawk Disappoints

I decided to download Warhawk from the PSN last Thursday night rather than wait until Sept 21st for the BD version. My initial impressions of Warhawk is that it’s a flawed gem with great potential but let down by a few glaring oversights.

Firstly, I can’t believe you have to press L3 in order to speak to your team mates. I tried talking to my friends and clanmates or warning them about campers a number of times, only to realise I hadn’t pressed L3 so they hadn’t heard a word I’d said. I gave up in the end as it was too much of a hassle pressing L3, especially when you’re flying a Warhawk, when L3 controls the damn thing.

Edit: I forget to mention the sound quality of voice chat on Warhawk. Everybody sounds like a robot with a heavy cold. Rubbish.

Another problem I found was when our clan joined a game, we were split up, with 3 of us on one team and one of us on the other. 😕 What’s the point of being in a clan when you end up on opposing sides? I want to play alongside my friends not against them.

For a game that was built for online play only, it lacks some major features that makes online play enjoyable.

Resistance is almost 1 year old yet Insomniac got it’s online infrastructure pretty much spot on from day one. Until the above issues with Warhawk are resolved I doubt I’ll spend much time on it.

Resistance is still The King of online gaming on PS3 for me.