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CoD4 has No PS3 Competition?

Infinity Ward’s Grant Collier had this to say about their upcoming title Call of Duty 4, and its competition:

Some people say ‘Oh gosh, there’s this big competition out there and so we should move our ship date because we’re feeling uncomfortable’. We love competition. I think for the 360 it’s pretty much Halo 3 that’s the competition so we’re going after who we think are at the top of the game right now and we want to take those guys on. On PC I guess I’m hearing a lot about Crysis right now. Those guys kind of came right out from nowhere. There’s lots of buzz around that game. On PS3 we’re number one.

Is Mr. Collier right? Do games like Haze and UT3 on the PS3 pose such little threat to CoD4? My guess is that Mr. Collier may end up being right. I know CoD4 is my most anticipated title this fall. And according to my informal poll, it now has 30% of the fall shooter vote, more than any other. (Warhawk is second with 18%, Haze third with 17%, and UT3 is fourth with 14%.)

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