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My Warhawk is Grounded - 1.92?

Usually when I buy a PS3 game, I try to get it the day it is released. FutureShop usually has new games for $10 off the regular price, so I usually pick it up there on the way home. This time was different. had the retail version of the game on their online store for just $39.99, so I couldn’t pass that up. But it did have to wait for it to be delivered. 🙁

Yesterday, I finally got it in the mail. Yay! But I didn’t get to play it last night because I was going to a friend’s place for games night. Boo! But this morning before work I finally got a chance to try it out, really quick. Yay! But it didn’t work! Boo!

When I tried to connect online, I got a “Network Timeout” message, or somesuch. I tried it a couple times, to no avail. After reading the article below from PS3Fanboy, I have to wonder if the 1.92 update is the cause.

Does anyone else have this problem?

Network issues with 1.92? Sony is aware and trying to fix it

[Edit: This might also be the problem. It looks like the Warhawk servers were undergoing maintenance.]