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Super Puzzle Fighter Impressions

Wow, what a positive surprise!

I avoided downloading this until today, because it’s a fall block puzzle game. Such games are easy to make, there are tons of them, and the genre is notorious for being a dumping ground for poor games. This is definitely not one of those. Thankfully, I gave the free trial version a shot.

This is a polished up version of old arcade game that I’ve never played before. For those who are unfamiliar with this, here’s a brief description: It’s is a fresh twist on the traditional Tetris-style falling block puzzle game. You clear lots of blocks with various combos. The larger combos trigger punishment blocks on your opponent’s board. These moves are acted out by a humorous, on-screen, mock Street Fighter animation.

Super Puzzle Fighter

The game is really additive, very well balanced, it is really fun to play competitively, it’s got nice cleaned up graphics, game modes, and local and online multiplayer options. It also passes my girlfriend test (she rarely likes games) and some neighborhood children instantly loved it as well. We’ve had some pretty heated competitions already. One little nitpick is that the PS3 version doesn’t support voice chat, but it seems to have all the other options and online support you could want. Overall, it’s the best puzzle game I have played in years. This is exactly the kind of content I like to get for a $10 download.

Anyone else like or dislike this game?