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The Lair Trainwreck

Here’s a general chronology:

1: Lair was one of the first hotly anticipated exclusives for the PS3. The previews looked gorgeous. The game itself was somewhat of an unknown, but this was definitely one of the early “titles to watch” for the PS3.

2: The reviews bomb. Actually, bomb is probably an understatement. Most people would have been disappointed if this scored in the 8.0 range, and considered this a complete bomb at the 6.0 range, however many reviews were even well below that. IGN’s review ran with the title, “A sixaxis suckfest” (apparently, this was later edited out).

3: Sites such as EGM, despite giving Lair a low score, were gracious enough to grant the studio lead, Julian Eggebrecht, the opportunity to publically debate the reviewers. Mr. Eggebrecht claims that reviewers just can’t open their minds to appreciate the game’s non-traditional gesture control scheme. I don’t buy that, but whatever. It’s a noble gesture on the part of sites like EGM.

4: Eggebrecht and others at Factor 5 publically talk about technical and personal tragedies surrounding the development of Lair. These statements were made before the reviews, but still, this has gone from a disappointing game to simply pitiful.

5: IGN and several other sites are blowing the whistle on Sony regarding Lair. They suggest Sony is unethically trying to influence review scores by sending out colorful Lair brochures. Are we are supposed to be offended by this? Pathetic, yes. Pitiful, definitely. But unethical? Come on guys, it’s a color brochure.

IGN Mocks Sony and Lair

IGN Mocks Sony’s Brochure

What are your thoughts?