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Bravo EA, Bravo

You’d think it would be in EA’s best interests to make the best possible version of NHL 08 on the PS3, wouldn’t you? Well they obviously don’t care if the PS3 version doesn’t sell as well as it could:

Now for the bad news PS3 owners. EA once again does you a huge disservice. With its first NHL title on PS3, EA has really dropped the ball visually. While the gameplay and feature set is identical to 360, the framerate is not. And while EA would like to say the PS3 version runs at 30 frames per second, that’s questionable. PlayStation editor Greg Miller put it best upon first seeing NHL 08 running on PS3: “It looks like they’re playing hockey under a strobe light.” You can still play and enjoy NHL 08 on PS3, but don’t you deserve a perfect framerate? Shouldn’t you demand a better-looking game? Write your Congressman and get EA to pay the PS3 a bit more respect. Nearly a year into its life, the PS3 should have sports games that run smoothly.

Wow, the PS3 gets the short end of the stick from a multi platform title yet again.

It would be really petty of me not to buy any EA developed games until they pull their fingers out, only thing is, the majority of their games have been disappointing, apart from SSX, SSX Tricky and SSX 3, so I haven’t bought any of their games for a long time anyway.

Keep this up and that trend won’t change anytime soon. 🙄

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