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NPD: August U.S. Sales Numbers

System US Hardware Sales (thousands)
Wii 403.6
Nintendo DS 383.3
Xbox 360 276.6
PS2 202
PSP 151.2
PS3 130.6
GBA 69.5

A mediocre month for PS3, and a great month for the 360. Why? The 360 has a price cut, the lead version of the most popular title, Madden, and a huge hit with the PC/360 exclusive Bioshock. PS3 has got the version of Madden with a widely touted frame rate deficiency, GRAW 2, which is great, but has been on the 360 for five whole months, and Warhawk at the very end of the month. I’m still surprised that GRAW2 and Warhawk didn’t sell a little bit better. Of course, the PSN sales of Warhawk aren’t included in NPD numbers, but still. I’m also surprised that consumers seem unphased by widely publicized 360 reliability problems, but that’s what we are seeing in the U.S.

On the bright side:

  • All the big PS3 titles for ’07 are bunched up in late October through November. Warhawk and Heavenly Sword are good, but the real AAA content won’t hit until late October.
  • Better cross platform titles. Recently, the cross platform titles have favored the 360 either with widely touted PS3 deficiencies (EA Sports titles) or absurdly late PS3 versions (FEAR, Rainbow Six, and GRAW2). However, that’s looking to change. Big, genre-defining titles like Rock Band are looking to be the best on PS3 (bundled wireless guitar controller rather than getting a wired version bundled and having to buy the wireless version as a more expensive add-on). Also, EA has pledged that the frame rate deficiencies will be gone later this year.
  • These are U.S only numbers, which is 360 home turf. In Canada, PS3 does significantly better relative to 360. In Europe and Japan, PS3 performs dramatically better than the 360. If I had more time today, I’d compile Japan numbers and chart the combined totals (Europe numbers are hard to get). Also, yes, the Wii does better than all of them, but that’s almost an entirely different category.
  • Tokyo Game Show. Microsoft has made unveiled some nice new content at their pre-TGS conference. Can Sony top that next week when they make their announcements? We can only speculate, but I betting a definite yes. We shall see soon enough…
  • 2008. All of the best 2007 content is still to come, but 2008 is when the PS3 should really pull ahead.