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Ratchet & Clank Demo Discs!!!

GameStop stores are giving out Ratchet & Clank demo discs to those who pre-order the game! The demo is scheduled to appear on PSN on October 4th, but for those of us who want it sooner, this is great!!!

UPDATE: I got it and beat the one-level demo in about 15 minutes.

Well, it’s what I expected. From this limited taste, it is like PS2 R&C, but with way better graphics + animation. I’m playing on a 480i set and it looks gorgeous. R&C on the PS2 was always a great looking game and this definitely kicks it up a notch. It plays like PS2 R&C except the demo level feels like a demo level. It’s easy, you get a brief feel (not too brief) for a few style of game and then it ends. You get some rail grinding scenes, a free-fall scene, and of course, some platforming/shooting sequences. You get the wrench plus four weapons: gun, groovitron, transmorpher, and grenade.

I will have to play some more levels to really get a feel for this, but I definitely like it. This is easily in my top three anticipated 2007 titles of any platform.