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40GB PS3? Not so much.

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that Sony will not be offering a 40GB PS3 this fall. While it’s probably true that they’re working on another SKU to pair with the 80GB PS3, I’m thinking that it won’t be a 40GB model, but rather a 120GB or 160GB model. Why? Well, out of curiosity, I checked a couple online vendors (NCIX, TigerDirect, and CompuSmart) for the prices on some 40GB SATA hard drives. Guess what? I couldn’t find any. There were several 80GB models, and just one 60GB model, which cost more than the 80GB models (probably because it was a notebook drive).

I’m not saying that Sony can’t get their hands on 40GB HDD’s if they wanted to. But 40GB HDD’s are going the way of the dodo, and will only get more expensive as time passes. With HDD’s out there at 1TB, what’s the use of a 40GB machine? The low-end PS3 was never an also-ran, gimped machine. But this Christmas time will have moved on and a new machine with a 40GB HDD will definitely become the gimped machine nobody will want. That Microsoft continues to sell a machine with a 20GB HDD is beyond belief, IMHO. In order to compete with the Xbox 360 Elite, Sony will want a machine out there with more disk space than the competition, not less.

So, what say you? Will Sony release a 40GB machine? Or will the surprise us with a higher capacity machine? (Though it wouldn’t be a surprise anymore after reading this, now would it?)