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MGS4 TGS 07 Trailer

The Tokyo Game Show, Metal Gear Solid 4 trailer is out, and it’s good! 🙂 Metal Gear Ray is back too. Below is the translation for the movie.

MGS4 Trailer

Three pages of the MGS4 TGS trailer translated into English

Naomi: …That’s why Liquid has me helping him hijack the System.
Naomi: Because I know how FOXDIE works.
Naomi: Please, you must rescue me.
Naomi: Preparations for his insurrection are nearly complete.
Naomi: There’s no time to waste.
Naomi: Snake, hurry!


Ed: There’s twenty of them.
Ed: And they’re not from that PMC, Praying Mantis, either.

(Metal Gear 20th Anniversary)

Ed: It’s the FROGS

Merly: These guys are with Liquid’s private army. Shoot first, think later.
Merly: We’ll change the route as necessary.
Merly: I’m on point.
Merly: Got it?
Merly: Eye contact.

“Final Chapter of the MG Saga”

Merly: The nanomachine network inside each unit member’s body lets us share each other’s senses.
Merly: With SOP, my team can literally operate as one.
Merly: So, what do you think?
Merly: Is your age of heroes finally over?

“Final Mission of Snake”

Snake: I’m no hero.
Snake: Never was.
Snake: Never will be.

“Finally, Everything Will Be Revealed”

Snake: You haven’t changed at all, Snake.
Drebin: Pretty sweet, huh?
Drebin: Whoa, hold on.
Drebin: Watch where you’re pointing that thing.
Snake: Who are you?
Drebin: Neither enemy, nor friend.
Drebin: I’m a weapons wholesaler—all shapes, sizes.
Drebin: All you see here has been laundered.
Drebin: I take ID guns like the PMCs use and make some mods.
Drebin: Then you can use ‘em without having to match IDs.
Drebin: In other words, I’m a gun launderer.
Drebin: You can call me, Drebin.

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“Metal Gear Solid 4”
Drebin: Priviatizing the military’s made the PMCs big and bloated.
Drebin: And the fatter the PMCs get, the line between civilian and soldier is gonna get real blurry.
Drebin: The whole damn human race is gonna be green collars.
Otcon: Vamp… He’s got to be immortal.
Snake: What the hell are these Patriots? Are they human?
Drebin: Not anymore they ain’t.
Drebin: They’re the law of this world, created over the course of history.
Drebin: They’re what holds this world together.
Drebin: Keeps this whole mess in check.
Naomi: Let’s go!
Octcon: Sunny was taken by the Patriots right after she was born.
Octcon: She never even met her parents.
Sunny: Snake! This is a non-smoking flight!
Meryl: This is Rat Patrol Team 01.
Meryl: We’re with the CID—one of the bodies investigating PMC activity.
EVA: Very impressive CQC, Snake.
EVA: Call me Mama, Big Mama.
Snake: Liquid!
Liquid: Brother!
Liquid: It’s not over—not yet!
Liquid: This is the liberty we’ve won for ourselves
Liquid: …Outer Haven.


Naomi: See, Sunny?
Naomi: Us girls have to look our best.
Sunny: Her name was Olga.
Naomi: Hm?
Sunny: …My mother.


Akiba: Drop your weapon!
Snake: You haven’t even taken the safety off, rookie.
Akiba: Careful, I’m not rookie!
Akiba: I’m a ten year vet.
Snake: How the hell did you ever survive ten years?
Soldier: Who’s there?
Akiba: Go away!
Akiba: I’m not done yet!
Soldier: Stop! Sop right there!
Akiba: Get back here!


Drebin: Here they come!