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Sony TGS Conference Summary

The two big announcements:

  • Sony acquired Evolution Studios, the developers of Motorstorm.
  • DualShock 3 is unveiled: A Sixaxis controller with rumble functionality. Tons of games support including very soon to be released titles such as R&C. Does this use more advanced haptics technology? No mention.

Smaller news bits include:

  • Remote Play Wake on LAN: Now you don’t need to have your PS3 to access your movies, music and games from anywhere on your PSP.
  • MGS Online to be included with MGS4
  • “Dress” service to be part of PlayStation Home.
  • PSN Available from PCs
  • PlayStation Home is delayed until 2008.
  • GT5:P will be out in Japan on Dec 13. When will the Western release hit?
  • New Afrika Trailer

So far, pretty dull announcements.

Sony said they were going to unveil four new titles. Dress? The Horse Racing title? I bet they are counting the Afrika unveiling as a new title (barely been shown before). Aqua and flOwer? I haven’t heard much about those two yet…

Let’s hear your impressions. Anyone still anticipating more from the show itself?

UPDATE: Thanks to Sporty who pointed out several omissions that are now included.