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More DUALSHOCK 3 and TGS ’07 Thoughts


So yeah, I’m a little miffed that the DUALSHOCK 3 controller for the PLAYSTATION 3 won’t make it’s way to our shores until the snow has come and gone. And I’m a bit ticked that CoD4 isn’t on the list of supported rumble games. Plus, no mention is made of any special Immersion technology. I hope they haven’t just used the same old boring rumble stuff we’ve known in the past. So now I go into damage-control mode.

First, is it possible to import the controller? The controller uses USB for charging, which is no different here than in Japan (AFAIK). So maybe I could import a DUALSHOCK 3 controller from Japan. I’ve never done anything like that before, so I wonder if (a) it’ll be cost prohibitive, and (b) if I should even bother, considering that software patches for adding rumble support might not be released here until the controller is available.

Second, I have to wonder about Call of Duty 4. There are two other Activision titles on the list of games that’ll support rumble (Enemy Territory: Quake Wars and Soldier of Fortune). So it’s not like Activision is against rumble. Maybe in the rush to get CoD4 out the door, they can’t add rumble support now. But when they do get a chance, they’ll do so. Am I stretching it? I hope not.

Third. Is Sony saving the good news about rumble until later? Does the new DUALSHOCK 3 have some new Immersion tech in it or not? Why would Sony wait to announce that, if indeed they are using it? I’m skeptical that we’re getting anything special here…


While Home’s delay to spring ’08 wasn’t a surprise, it was still a disappointment. I knew I wouldn’t be getting it in September, but I was hoping that Christmas was attainable. I guess not. Oh well. Here’s hoping that I’ll get in the beta. And what’s “Dress: Everybody’s Fashion Entertainment” that Sony announced but didn’t talk about?


I haven’t seen anything yet of interest when it comes to games at TGS ’07. While I was expecting Sony to release some news, I was also expecting it to be about games I’m not interested in, like RPG’s. So for me, it’s no big deal. But isn’t it supposed to be all about the games?