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To Make Killzone 2 Good


I’ve been thinking about Killzone 2 lately. Maybe it’s because of the very successful launch of Halo 3, or the imminent launch of Call of Duty 4, but shooters have been on my mind. There’s a lot that’s not known about Killzone 2, but I thought I’d take a poke at giving the developers my thoughts. Hopefully they read this site!

So here’s my list of things Guerilla should do to make Killzone 2 is a hit.

  • Avoid Annoying Me
    Have you every played the original Killzone? Did you like the fact that your character bobbed up and down like a jack-in-the-box as he was walking? I found it terribly distracting and quite annoying. As a matter of fact, I only played the demo, and this fact alone stopped me from checking out the real game. Guerilla – don’t do that! Or how do you like the fact that MotorStorm asks you what language to use, every time you play? Stop that! Or really bad menu load times? Or the stupid online play disclaimers that you see, all the time? Stop that! It’s annoying! It looks like Guerilla may be falling into the same pit in Killzone 2 when it comes to weapon recoil. Check out this Killzone 2 walkthrough. Sure it might be realistic to have weapons kick way back, but you know what? Games aren’t about realism, they’re about fun! Fun first, realism second.
  • Level Variety
    Everything I’ve seen so far of Killzone 2 looks the same. The same types of corridors, the same types of buildings. It all looks gray and drab. I know that it’s early days yet, but I hope that Guerilla is working hard on giving the levels a lot of variety, including some colourful levels as well. (They could be set in a greenhouse or something!)
  • Multiplayer Game Mode Variety
    Warhawk is great, but it only has a few gaming modes, which is quite limiting. Killzone 2 better include the staples like Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and King of the Hill. On top of that, they better have several more interesting modes. I hope that Guerilla isn’t ashamed of ripping of other games’ modes either! Call of Duty has Headquarters, which is a blast to play and is highly underrated. Then there’s Search and Destroy and Domination. CoD3 had War which was fun. Resistance has several node-capture type modes. UT3 looks to have some new ones as well. Guerilla better include a wide variety of this stuff!
  • User-Created Content
    The big thing about UT3 on the PS3 is that mods and maps created on the PC will be importable into the PS3 version of the game. Since Sony is really pushing their Gaming 3.0 concept so hard, why not include a level editor with Killzone 2, and allow us to create our own maps?
  • Online Features
    If Guerilla wants Killzone 2 to be a killer multiplayer game, they better make sure that the headset support is solid, there’s support for squads, the lobbies and matchmaking systems are great, etc. It’s not like Guerilla is lacking in good examples to copy. Just look at Resistance and Halo.
  • Co-op
    Killzone 2 better support both online and offline co-op mode for going through the campaign. Uh… um… I guess I don’t really need to say more here.
  • Splitscreen
    It goes without saying that a shooter would have four player splitscreen support, but I’m saying it anyway. Take a look at Warhawk, and how easy it is for several players to play on one PS3. You can play locally, or go online together. The only thing missing is profiles. Who likes to be called Player-1, Player-2, etc? That’s just silly. Even the GameCube shooters I’ve played (all two of them) include the ability to create and save profiles for heaven’s sake! Why can’t next-gen games do it? These profiles should remember all customization options – both looks and controls. And speaking of looks, I definitely hope that all players online don’t look exactly the same!
  • Many Multiplayer Maps
    Again I look to Warhawk. It’s a great game, but a failing it has is the lack of multiplayer maps. It only has a couple. Why can some games like GRAW2 pack in so many many maps, while others like Warhawk only has a couple? UT3 is supposed to have a bunch of maps too. Hopefully Killzone 2 will provide a good variety. Please please please! And while I’m talking about maps, please don’t fall into the mode of making maps symmetrical in the interest of “fairness”. What I call it is “lazy level design”. The symmetry of those many Resistance maps is BORING! Don’t do it. Take a look at Call of Duty 2. It has many team-based modes, and the maps aren’t symmetrical. Nobody complains. Why? Because the maps are so well built. Please do the same, Guerilla!
  • Polish
    I left this one for last, because it covers all aspects of the game. From easy-to-use menus to solid headset support to quickly being able to get in and out of the matches you’re interested in, polish affects everything. Please Guerilla, make sure this game is as smooth and polished as you can possibly make it!

That’s it for now. Did I miss anything?