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Call of Duty 4 for PS3 will be Awesome

I’m doing a little tapdance of joy right now. I was reading a thread over at the NeoGAF forums where 402 (an IW employee) had several interesting things to say about the PS3 version of CoD4:

There should be no doubts about the quality of the PS3 version, it’s received the same exact development focus and time as the Xbox 360 and PC version and will have all the same features. We put a lot of work into the PS3 version to ensure it had an equally as impressive multiplayer portion with a constant 60 FPS just like all the others and a full multiplayer set up with lobbies, parties, profiles, splitscreen, and everything else you expect from multiplayer on all platforms.

The video you linked for some reason mixed random Xbox 360 footage in there, however the event in San Francisco had all PS3’s for multiplayer and Single player, PC’s for Single and Multiplayer and Xbox 360 only for single player.

Yes, the PS3 version will have the same matchmaking set-up as the Xbox 360 including the Party System, LAN Party, and Splitscreen set-ups for offline play. We essentially built in the Xbox Live functionality 360 users are used to so that the PS3 users can enjoy the same features, functionality, and MP set-up as everyone else.

We just had a Preview event in San Francisco where press got hands on time with the Single Player and Multiplayer portion of the PS3 version of the game, so some of those previews should be hitting rather soon (if not hitting already) which will hopefully let you see just how equal all the platforms really are.

You’ll be able to use your PS3 Friends list.

Someone else who was at the event had this to say:

Just a heads-up, guys: the embargo for the event last week lifts tomorrow morning at 9AM PST. There’ll be plenty of previews going up then, but I don’t think ATVI will mind me saying this: the game rocks, and they had all three versions up and running at the event.

They. Are. Identical.

Believe me, it’s even weirder to type that than it was to see it all in motion. Good gawd the game looks amazing. The online is going to steal people’s lives away…

Amazing! I have my 4 player splitscreen with profiles! Yay!

Call of Duty 4 for PS3