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PlayStation Eye - It will be watching you Oct 23rd

If any of you owned a Eye Toy you’ll know that it did horrible in low light conditions. But that will be fixed with the PlayStation Eye. It was engineered from that start to deal with low light conditions. That’s great news, I remember trying to adjust the light in the room for the Eye Toy to work properly, but now it doesn’t matter 🙂

You can get the PlayStation Eye bundled with the “Eye of Judgment” game. The game itself is such a great idea. Place a card on the table and a monster pops out of your card on the screen. You can even pick up the card and the monster moves with you. Cool stuff, but it’s not for me really, but I love that idea!

You can buy the PlayStation Eye separate as well for $39.99 if you wish. Here are some features of the new PlayStation Eye.

  • 2-setting zoom lens (normal and wide angle) with fixed focus (no more needing to focus all the time
  • Clear picture at 640 x 480 resolution at 60 frames per second (at 320 x 240 it looks even better at 120 fps)!
  • It picks up image and motion in varying light conditions and does not need your help to focus.
  • Built-in 4-microphone array
  • The microphone that’s built in is pretty advanced too, it even filters out background noise for clearer voice connection. You can even use this in place of a headset. In fact me and Henning had a Eye Toy chat once, and it worked surprising well. Even the voice wasn’t bad, Henning use the Eye Toy as a mic in Resistance Fall of Man too, and it was a little hard to hear at times but not bad. I’m sure the PlayStation Eye will sound much clearer while playing games or while doing online AV chats via the XMB.

    Also there are going to be some free content available to the PlayStation Eye users. For example the EyeCreate Software will be FREE from the PlayStation Store! Which allows you to save, edit and share your PlayStation Eye videos, photos and audio clips – all through your PS3. And this which I posted about last weekend. Not sure if Tori Emaki is free or not though.

    Of course there will be more PS Eye games in the future, and I hope they put out a lot of content for it. PS Eye has huge potential, I’m excited to see what happens. I really enjoyed the Eye Toy games for the PS2. I’ll be picking up the stand alone PS Eye this Oct 23rd 🙂 That Tori-Emaki interactive screensaver looks great!

    PlayStation Eye, A Little More Info…