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Tekken 6 gets Octave Engine

The Octave Engine will be used the Tekken 6 Arcade Cabinets this December. No release date for the PlayStation 3 yet. At least give us a demo 🙂 Anyway this is what the Octave Engine does:

Octave Engine applies hydrodynamic theories to simulate water movements, colors of the sky, and other small particle systems like sand. This physics simulation engine can immediately recognize character positions and movements that affect various elements in the environment.

“Sand, water and the sky can be combined into one simulation, the sand can be raised and lowered and interact with the water and other objects in real-time,” said Prometech’s representative.

I’ll admit it looks very impressive. I think I remember somewhere that on some stages the sun actually moves while playing. Tekken 6 looks like it’s coming along nicely. But in the mean time Tekken 5 DR online is keeping me very entertained 🙂

Octave Engine – Tekken 6 beauty secret to be released December