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40GB Unit a Flop?

ChartTrack said 89% of PS3 purchasers chose the 60GB model last week, after the introduction of the 40GB model. via GameSpot:

Chart Track director Dorian Bloch commented, “The PS3 60GB is proving very popular, even with the introduction last week of the 40GB model. Eighty-nine percent of purchasers opted for some form of 60GB model, since this is sold with at least two games for only £50 ($102) more than the 40GB model, and sometimes other extras…”

Looking at the poll we ran on this site, the 40GB provded highly unpopular as well, with a mere 9% of the vote, while the 60GB unit got 67% of the vote, *despite* the fact that the poll was worded to compare the 60GB at it’s original $600 price vs it’s current $500 price.

I thought it was just us that didn’t like the new 40GB configuration, and we weren’t representative of the larger population. However, it looks like most consumers prefer the 60GB by a fairly wide margin.

As long as they still offer the nicer units, and the 40GB is just an option, that’s great. However, I hope they don’t follow through on their one-SKU strategy with this new stripped down unit.

Did Sony just miscall this one? Do you think that in the near future this will be the only option to buy?