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Sony’s Silly BC Messaging

After stock runs out of the 60GB version of the PS3, we’ll be left with two models: the 80GB version, which does PS2 backwards compatiblity (BC) partially in software, and the 40GB PS3, which has no BC. These models will cost $499 and $399, respectively.

Now read the article below. Note especially how Jack Tretton says that you can get both a 40GB PS3 and a PS2 for less than $600, the high-end PS3’s initial price.

Uh… why? Why did he say that? Who wants to buy two consoles if you can buy one. And gosh golly jee willickers, Sony has a PS3 model with BC for less than the cost of a 40GB PS3 and a PS2 – the 80GB PS3!

You may complain that the 80GB PS3’s BC isn’t as good as the old 60GB PS3’s. Fair enough. But it’s still a lot better than the 360’s BC. The fact is, the 80GB PS3 does a decent job of BC – it’s just not as good as the 60GB. So Sony does have a BC solution.

So, what should Sony be telling people? If you want a PS3 with BC, buy the 80GB version. Sounds simple to me. But no, Sony has to start talking about people already owning PS2’s, or how they could pick one up for cheap.

Just silly.

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