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Activision and PS3 Gamers

I’ve been criticized every so often for being down on Sony and the PS3. So I thought I’d change things up a bit and talk about Activision instead. And I won’t even state my opinion. I’ll just state some facts.

Activision released Call of Duty 3 as a launch game for the PS3. It did not have headset support (unlike the 360 version), a vital component for playing team-based games. It also had a lot of problems with connecting to games. And it did not receive any downloadable content, also unlike the 360 version of the game.

Activision did not release Guitar Hero II as a PS3 launch game, even though they probably could have.

Activision gave Guitar Hero I, II, and 80’s owners no reliable way to play those games on the PS3 with the guitar controller.

Now they release Guitar Hero III. There was no demo (there could have been if they had a solution for PS2 guitars on the PS3). The PS3 guitar has an ugly dongle. Guitar Hero III does not support the Rock Band guitar. (Even though Rock Band supports the Guitar Hero guitar.) The PS3 guitar does not support PS2 GH games played on a PS3! And worst of all, according to this IGN review of Guitar Hero III: “The PS3 version doesn’t have any option to invite a friend into a game, so if you go with that version you’ll probably wind up playing with more strangers than anything else.

What the heck?

[Edit: Now comes word that 360 owners will be getting a patch to enable offline co-op quickplay. No word on a similar patch for PS3 or Wii owners.]