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CoD4 in the Wild


There’s lots of information coming down about Call of Duty 4. In particular, this dude over at AVS Forums has made himself famous by talking about a retail copy of the PS3 version he got (link). He posted lots of pics of setup screens etc, but the bandwidth was exceeded, so go here for the PS3 CoD4 pics. Lots of nice stuff there!

If you’d like some more information about the weapons and perks, follow this UGO link.

And last up, 402 has also revealed what “Old School” mode is:

Old School is a new game mode that completely changes the way MP is played.

No Classes, so everyone starts off with the Scorpion and pistol with no perks. Perks and Weapon pick ups are scattered around the map. In addition players have increased health and increased jump height. Essentially it’s all about using the new settings to your advantage, learning the maps and best weapon pick up / perk combo placements in the map because once a weapon / perk is picked up you have to wait for it to respawn.

I can honestly say that some of my favorite games have been in Old School mode. I play it a lot when we just want to jump in and have fun, although I stick to objective gametypes and normal team deathmatch for my serious games. I think of Old School as the opposite of Hardcore Mode. While Hardcore is for serious balls to the wall gaming, Old School is just crazy / mess around games.

Neat stuff! Next week is gonna be awesome!