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Missing Genres?

There are a few genres that are still completely absent from the PS3 (native titles only, excluding PS1/PS2):

  • Dance Mat Games: None.
  • Karaoke Games: None. Rock Band is coming this month which has karaoke, but many still want a dedicated Karaoke title. Europe gets Singstar next month, Americans have to wait.
  • Horror: None. Will Silent Hill be coming soon. I hope we get a PS3 native version of Manhunt as well.
  • MMORPG: None. Lots are definitely coming to PS3 from NCSoft and Sony and probably others.
  • RTS: None.
  • Light Gun: None right now, but Time Crisis is coming very soon.

A few other genres have pretty weak selections on PS3 at the moment:

  • RPGs: PS3 has a few (Oblivion and others), but the pickings are still slim. Some great titles such as White Knight Story are very close to release (supposedly December in Japan).
  • Open World Action Adventure (GTA-like/Sandbox): Godfather. Not much else for now. Mercenaries 2 and GTA 4 are two *amazing* entries coming in 2008.
  • Driving Simulation: GT5 pre-release. Will have to wait until 2008 for the full title.

Fortunately, lots of genres are very well packed high quality titles to choose from:

  • Arcade Racer: Motorstorm, Dirt, Sega Rally, etc.
  • Skateboard: skate, Tony Hawk
  • Music/Rhythm: Guitar Hero 3. Rock Band is almost here.
  • Action Adventure: Heavenly Sword, Ninja Gaiden Sigma. Assassin’s Creed and Drake’s Fortune are coming this month.
  • Platformer: Ratchet & Clank.
  • Multiplayer Shooters: Warhawk, R6:V, GRAW, Resistance. CoD4 hits next week. Haze hits later this month.
  • Single-Player Shooters: Resistance, Darkness. CoD4 hits next week. Haze hits later this month.
  • Magic-Style Card Battle: Eye Of Judgement
  • Action RPG: Folklore
  • Twitch Action: Stardust, Calling All Cars
  • Indie and Experimental: Everyday Shooter, flOw.

Overall, the PS3 is having an amazing first year, however, I’d like to see those missing genres covered. Any others you care to add?

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