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Call of Duty 4 : Good Enough?

While playing a game of CoD4 online on the PS3, fleeting thoughts like “wow wow wow” and “just too awesome” zip through your head between flag captures and securing headquarters. I levelled up! Woo hoo! Dead. Crap. Okay, where was he? Choose a different class, lets try out that silenced MP5 for this level. Gotta remember that I now have 3 stun grenades, too. Awesome stuff.

But then the game ends, and the pain begins. You could stay in the same lobby, and play another map of the same game type with mostly the same people, and that would be fun. But if whoa be to you if you decide to change things up. You’ll have to wait for a game for a while, try to connect unsuccessfully to online friends, get upset again at the lack of any even half-decent clan system. If only they’d have a server list, you’d think.

So the front end of the game is not nearly as good as Resistance or even Warhawk. But the gameplay itself blows every other game out of the water. Is this a conscious decision? Did the folks at IW/Activision not even bother with a better front end, knowing that people would buy this game in droves because of the excellent gameplay? Even knowing what I know now, I would still have bought CoD4. The game is just that fun.

Supposedly Infinity Ward works “through the night” to fix COD4 on the PS3. Hopefully something will come of that, and we get more reliable match-making. I also hope they increase the number of servers, because waiting 5 minutes to get into a match is that longest 5 minutes in gaming ever. So they’re hoping to resolve the bugs, but do you think there’s a patch coming out that’ll give us better clan support, server lists, a better buddy system, etc? Somehow I doubt it. Activision/IW knows that this game is going to sell really really well, even without those additions, so why bother?

This game is good enough to warrant a purchase, and that’s all that seems to matter anymore.